"Blog Award"

Opening up my blog this morning. Marcus left me a note in the chat box.

17 Aug 09, 21:09

marcus: dude check out my site, you just won something

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The rules of these awards are:

1. To accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award and his/her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve discovered and think are great! Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Continuing the tradition, I will pass it to:

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I m totally flattered seeing my blog name in Marcus's list. Thank you so much !! Honestly i really think i m way too lazy to update my blog, this might be something that motivate me in future... or i must say NOW !!!

For those that i listed down, i REALLY enjoyed so much reading your blog! Continue your good work !!

做女人要有心機:向希拉蕊學習成功的祕訣-SENSE 01 by 二志成

Something that caught my attention this morning :


  • 為了邁向成功,積極加入頂尖菁英讀書會,認真讀書。
  • 訂定看似無法達成的目標,放鬆心情看待困難的事務,全神貫注於工作。
  • 明白最好的投資理財策略,就是擁有一份好的職業並成為最優秀的專家。
  • 能力比外表更能吸引白馬王子。讓自己擁有比別人更優秀的能力。
  • 相信自己的夢想才能進一步感染周圍的人,進而制訂完美的實行計畫。
  • 認識可以改變自我的心靈導師。
  • 面對卑鄙的攻擊挺身而出、全力反擊,反而能擴張自己的影響力。
  • 愈是危急的情況,愈要維持心態的平衡,繼續做原來做的事。
  • 要充滿自信,比任何人更尊重自己的意見、遵從自己的理想。
  • 俯瞰自己與對手的立場,具備三度空間的立體思維。
  • 醉心於讓智力及思考方式發生革命性變化的古典讀書法。
  • E透過討論及直接向作者發問,以進一步了解所閱讀的書。
  • E讓自己定期寫東西,透過寫作增加自己的實力。
  • E拋棄安於現狀的想法,勇於追求自己的夢想。

Trying to pick up something from Hilary. . .


Agathian Shelter

I was invited by an ex college mate to join a orphanage home visit organised by their company.


Volunteer from other country, staying over for a period of time to help out at the orphanage home.


Potential photographer.


Helped this boy to draw a tree, with lots of love on it. 





Spent a meaningful evening at the Agathian Shelter. Able to see the children laughed, spent time with them, talked to them...  something i should do it more often.

A boy was asking me whether will i drop by when i m free, he wants to show me his painting on the t-shirts. Maybe i will try to drop by next month.



Leisure Travel issue 10


Eason text me the other day, asking me to share some diving experience. He is working with one of the local traveling magazine - Leisure Travel.

Saw the magazine just now. Tried to look for my photo. At 1st Eason was going to 1 of my u-g-l-y weird photo, luckily he posted a nice one. THANKS EASON ! hug!

Those who know how to read chinese and love traveling, PLS give some support to LEISURE TRAVEL!!