we went penang !


John & Clarisa ... and my monkey... they just look similar...


dear penguins posing at dashboard.


pity this penguin, got squeezzzeeedd!!


Clarisa's fav bear wanna take a pic with him.


wool bunny was there too.


boo bear loves the durian + choc ice cream + jelly + sarsi syrup ice kacang !!


pinky definitely loves penang food alot!


1st time @ Broga Hill

We went up Broga Hill that day for sunrise. Woke up 5 am in the morning, reach there about 6.30am. The weather is cooling.







Took many nice photos. :D so happy!!


Wool Bunny for sale

i finally took some shots of the wool bunny. actually there is other colors too. But i still haven't got the time to do it.
code : B_wool_001
code: B_wool_002

code : B_wool_002 [2]

code: B_wool_003

*wool bunny for sale*

*selling at rm25*

*dimensions: approx 10cm x 5.5cm*

Pokka Dots bunny for sale

Dark pink pokka dots bunny

code : B_dots_003 [D.pink]

Light pink pokka dots bunny

code : B_dots_002 [L.pink]

Purple pokka dots bunny

code: B_dots_001 [purple]

* accessories : snow flake / xmas tree for xmas season.
BUT normal days is with plain ribbon or love... well, anything u think u wanna put it on it just let me know, i hope i can help in someway... that includes sewing name...*

*selling at RM 30/each*

*dimensions: 15cm x 8cm*


Merry Christmas!

Oh yes. I did it!! I did it!! Marcus was text-ing me about the christmas penguins on October... so sorry bro, i only able to come out with it now...


accessories : red hat + snow flake


accessories : xmas tree + a red berry with some leaves

the back of P_xmas_002

dimensions: approx 10cm x 10cm
price : RM 25 /each
*accessories can be either xmas tree or snow flake*


Kelana Jaya - KLCC - Centre Market

exit ? but i just came in!!

i m not eating, not smoking, not doing anything... just resting...

woW ... is a very hot sunny day!! > <

let's gather together for group pic!!

blue bunny~

pink bunny~

Today is definitely too hot... can we go back earlier ??

boo bear met a polar bear

Boo bear saw this cute polar bear sticker on the wall, at center market. Boo bear was desperately wanted to take a picture with this polar bear. We were wondering who stick this sticker there.

Boo Bear and his new friend ~ Joel

b o o : felt so good laying here, don't you think so, joel??

j o e l : sure is...

b o o : did you felt your back is a little wet ?
j o e l : hmm... ya... i think is becoz of the rain.
b o o : then, why are you still laying there?
j o e l : coz' you asked me to lay here but didn't asked me to sit up if is wet!!!!
b o o : X _ X ... just go and sit at the staircase...

b o o : now feel better?
j o e l : yeah...

j o e l : now i felt too hot to sit down here...
b o o : dun complain too much !!

Potluck dinner @ Tsubaki Studio

Tsubaki Studio? belongs to who ?

I was invited. :S

4th Oct 2008

Somebody brought Big Apple Donuts. Me and PC brought Satay.

bunny wanna gets to know the mushrooms brothers.

bunny was exploring all the toys...
and amazing figures...

and Mickey + Minnie...

and a new friend... :X

Oh.. and Evvvvvaaa...

The owners' creation... Miss Hua ...

my fav bunny character

is that kitty ?

oh , pei chee...

wao... big elmo san!

i m eating the ant alike looking creature.

who is going to poke me? what is peichee doing at the back?

Big vs Small

whose broken arm ?

me with my usual stylo pose [since when?]


super women

pei chee + the owner, Jay Lim

pretty vivian

A very happening night. Get to know quite a numbers of new friend which are actually my junior. felt so old suddenly. I ate too much that night. Why i said that ? Because after the event when i look back all the photos, i looked fat in there... my gosh...