A Polaroid by SuWen

Promised SuWen to scan this polaroid over to him quite some time ago. Only until today i m doing it. 

Present to you, my best photography buddies & sifus~ 

shots taken by SuWen

Camera: Polaroid 110B Graflok Back Converted
Lens: Rodenstock Ysarex 127mm f/4.7 
Flash: 4 Nikon SB900 + 3 SB600
Instant Print: FujiFilm FP-100C Sillk


You can’t run but… by fabian tan


talked to this friend of mine. really been a while I last saw him. fabian tan – a local architect who is on his own now. he shared me a link to his current website. and I found a photo I took during art for grab during 2009.