The other side of Sg. Lembing

IMG_6787 IMG_6795

All the tired faces.





KM gonna kill me when he sees this photo. :P


Happy Chinese New Year 2010 ! :D


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Bukit Panorama

Is the 3rd day of Chinese New Year. We have nothing much to do. Someone suggested to go hiking at Bukit Panorama, Kuantan.

KM picked me up at 12.30am, reached chiueh’s house around 1am. It was raining that night.

We reached Sg Lembing around 4am. Had hard time hiking up. But KM ran up all the way with 2 cameras & 5-6 lenses! gosh.


KM playing with the torch. I am testing my flash ! Perfect !


I broke Randy’s tripod accidentally on the top hill. :( See my handheld shots! Wasted.

IMG_6605 IMG_6603

Woon & William make it up there ! Woon busy playing with my camera, William brought his G10 there !

IMG_6583 IMG_6641 IMG_6618

Photos by Woon with canon 40d + 70-200mm f2.8L

IMG_6630ed1 IMG_6669

Gloomy weather. No sunrise at all !!


We were only stay for awhile, before the guys complaining they are hungry. Especially Chiueh, our driver. Look at his pale face. :P







Finally make it down. Guys… good job !!







 IMG_6720edIMG_6715ed1 IMG_6749ed1 IMG_6771ed IMG_6776ed

Sg. Lembing is a quiet township underneath Bukit Panorama. We had our breakfast at the food court there.


Walking around this small little town, we met this old uncle & aunty. He greet us a with HI, then started to tell us the history about this mining town. 


He still kept the old photos. The town always flooded and they are forced to move all the furniture from ground floor to 1st floor. “There are no much youngster willing to stay in this town anymore la…” he sigh.




Woon said i was overwhelmed with the spider. Here are some photos i took …


IMG_6672  IMG_6673
IMG_6674ed  IMG_6686
IMG_6690ed IMG_6693

Managed to snap a few spidey moving towards the food. :)