Tying the knot : Bob * Eunice

A little over a year ago, my best buddy said to me, 'i will get married a year later! brush up your skills!' The only thing i know was, he doesn't even have a gf yet !
Then one fine day in 2011, he called me and said, "yo! mark your calender! you are invited to my wedding.

I m glad you found your the other half and i m happy to know your wife, a pretty and understanding women.

Congratulations to you both, Bob Tan & Eunice Yap.



I met up with your cousin brother’s wife today. Talking about how’s our relationship.

Every friend around me were filled with curiosity, kept asking me how m I doing.

Every other thing happened so fast. I did not expect it to be ended, so quickly. I’ve been thinking, what makes you so dislike me.

The memories we had, used to be so previous, but it just crashed.

I wish you well, and congratulation to you.

I hope you found the happiness you always wanted,

which I couldn’t provide.




Huey Jen, 18 ,student


The girls decide what Huey Jen wish to be.

Also, Huey Jen, Happy birthday ! Smile