charity, anyone?

in luv with... will be @ TA Charity Carnival
TA Properties Carpark, Jalan P. Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur
[ opposite KLCC Ramlee Mall Entrance ]
1 st November 2008
10AM - 4PM

F A Q :
Q: What is the objective of TA holding this carnival?
A: To raise funds for the less fortunate.

Q: Who are the beneficiaries of this event?
A: The beneficiaries of this event are Desa Amal Jireh, Shepherd’s Centre Foundation, Persatuan Penyayang Nur Iman KL and Monfort Boys Town.

Q: How much money is TA expecting to raise for this event?
A: Approximately RM200,000.00.

Q: Can I claim for tax exemption for coupon purchases?
A: Only two charity homes are authorised to issue such receipts i.e Montfort Boys Town and Desa Amal Jireh. Coupons purchase of RM500-00 and above are allowed to claim for tax exemption receipts and the coupons must be returned to the specific Charity home.

Q: Can I claim for tax exemption if I donate by cash?
A: Yes, you may claim for tax exemption if donation is made by cash and the amount donated should be RM1,000 and above. Kindly make cheque payable to TA Enterprise Berhad - CSR Trust A/c.

Q: What are the activities to be held in the carnival? / What are the food/drinks/games to be served?
A: The activities to be held during this carnival include games, competitions, free medical checks, auction event, children’s contests, photo-shoots ,a jumble sale, hair cut and optical examination. A wide range of local delicacies such as nasi lemak, chicken rice, assorted kuih muih, fruit rojak, various types of noodles, drinks and etc will also be sold on the day of the carnival. There will also be free blood pressure check, glucose, kidney, uric acid and cholesterol tests made available by TA Mobile Clinic.

Q: How can I participate in this carnival? Is this carnival only for TA staff?
A: This carnival is open to the public. You may participate in this carnival simply by purchasing a book of coupon worth RM20.00 (or more). All purchases made during the carnival shall only be by coupons except for the auction whereby cash will be allowed.

Q: Can I donate directly to the beneficiaries?
A: Yes. If you wish to donate directly to the beneficiaries, kindly make cheque payable to Desa Amal Jireh or Shepherd’s Centre Foundation or Persatuan Penyayang Nur Iman KL or Monfort Boys Town.

Q: If I wish to donate my coupons to the children, whom should I pass the coupons to?
A: You may pass the coupons to Ms Sheila Mary George (ext 1632).

Q: How often does TA organise a carnival?
A: TA proposes to organise a fund raising Carnival once every two years.

Q: Can I get a refund if I do not finish using my coupons?
A: No refunds will be available. All coupons must be used on the day of the Carnival.

Q: Can I get a receipt for purchasing coupons?
A: Yes, you may get a receipt from Ms Chai ( A/cs Dept – 03-20721277 ext 1148 ).
please do come support support us!


Monkey @ Coliseum Cafe



We had lunch at Coliseum Cafe after some shopping. Monkey just resting at the corner.



(i) Sarah + Pei Chee

(ii) Pei Chee + me


everyone loves rocky choc stick

rocky choc stick... childhood memories.

i used to love it alot. :D

now bunny and to fu loves them.


purple pokka dots - faceless bunny

look closer. is purple, not black. i like this purple faceless bunny. i know is kinda creepy if you put it beside your bed, and got yourself freak out when you wake up during midnight for pee.

and i even heard a mum telling her daughter [her daughter wanna buy this.],

"aiyar... where got bunny is purple color 1?? "

umpph...speechless. aunty, sorry ah !!


boo bear drinking!!






Boo Bear drunk .... @ @ "" opps..

After Canon Goes Green


A group photo for them.


Tofu was there too!



Our dirty foot.

Canon Goes Green


Boo Bear wanna plant some trees also ~

DSC_0171 DSC_0174

Jason and me! :)


and together with Li Yi & Fooie

DSC_0204 look at my dirty hand.

i think i plant about 4-6 trees?

DSC_0206 The Enviromentals


fooie and boo bear.



made boo bear to play with the worm...




Jason brought his arrogy also.



After the tree planting session, we went and play some games.



And took alot of photos after that.


Impressive poster. Filled with finger prints tree. :)


me + Zainal Abidin + Emcees of the day: Hansen Lee & Elaine Daly


check out fooie's blog : http://foolamak.com/blog/canon-goes-green

diy namecards

i was trying to get myself occupied when i m "spending" my free time at the bazaar. trying hard to put in more love in my toys and some additional things.

just need to put in a little effort.
weird froggie
lonely elephant bunny that love archery.
inspired by someone's necklace.
always wanted to fly high
or perform in a circus.

or to sleep as much as i can. if possible. . .
u might say i m cheap-skate. but all of these r 'special' and some may be 'limited edition'. do you ever get a limited edition name card? is fully free hand drawing. keep it nicely ! who knows 1 day if i m famous, and these will be quite valuable that time?


F A Q [ I ]

i think when most people logged in my blog, they have tonnes of questions in their mind.

Please forgive me, if things are not as what you expected. [such as super nice photos, super geng cao stuff to be impressed of, bla bla bla ..]

1Q) WHAT is your blog all about??

A : is about my handmade toys, and other handcraft thingy i made.

2Q) ARE you selling the toys?

A : YES!

3Q) IS all the toys you made are for sale? How come i didn't see any ?

A : those are for sale will be show in my flickr album [is on the right hand, in between 'my profile' & 'archives'] , or tagged under for sale, or check the section of 'in luv with labels...', it falled under for sale.

4Q) DO you do any custom made toys?

A : i'll try my best to create something you would like to have it. do let me know.

5Q) IF i want to buy the toys, how can i reach you?

A : you can post a comment at the page where the toys displayed, or send me an email [ inluvwithsoo@gmail.com ], i shall reply you asap.

@ * @ i guess that's all for this moment. if u have any more questions to ask me, do write in comment, i shall post the 2nd faq then...


glue gun

i was glue-ing the brooch and suddenly the glue got stucked in between. this thing!!! took me 1 hour plus just to fix it back. sigh.. such simple thing ... how can i spend an hour on it... ish ... but luckily it is fixed at last. else, my purse gonna have another hole again...


Boo Bear get caught!!

kena caught by the big black monster at the bazaar the other day.... pity boo bear. . .