Poh & Brenda’s new born baby




IMG_4860Pretty mummy holding the little

Art for Nature @ Rimbun Dahan

Rimbun Dahan located at place that no one would possibly to pass by. They are away from the busy city. They are not open to the public unless there is an event or art exhibition. IMG_4737





Today we are here for Survival - Art for Nature.

First held in 1997, Art For Nature is a unique showcase of artistic works created by Malaysian and international artists in support of nature conservation. Proceeds from sales of the artworks in this exhibition go towards WWF-Malaysia's nature conservation and wildlife protection programmes, including:

  • Scientific field research
  • Policy work with the government
  • Environmental education in schools
  • Public awareness programmes
  • Training and providing support to other conservation organisations in Malaysia

[info from Rimbun Dahan]


 IMG_4775 IMG_4776

Admad Fuad Osman – Shit Happens – RM 8,500


(1st & 2nd pic) Aswad Ameir – Black Gun – RM3,000

(Last 1 on right) Dominic Johns – Memory of a not too distant past.. – RM5,000


Other artist’s art work.


2 of my favorites.

IMG_4778 IMG_4790

Also, we are here to support our friend Mun Kao. His “The wolf in sheep’s clothing” – RM12,500. Can you figure out why is it wolf in sheep’s clothing ? IMG_4771

Penny and Terry Law – On a mission to seed bomb – RM4,800



After walking around the exhibition, we went to look for the blue house. 



Here is the blue village house, where the owner will invite the local/oversea artist to stay here as a place for them to prepare their artworks for the coming exhibition.


Click here for more info.


EQ test

You have slightly above average EQ - with room to grow! You are likely sensitive to the emotional climate of the people around you - your peers, friends, family and key clients. You are well aware of the effect your behavior has on others. Still, while you may be adept at tuning into others and their needs - you must remember your own! Don't be afraid to honestly communicate these difficult needs and feelings. The world is well stocked with martyrs - it doesn't need any more! Think also about your passion for work (or whatever constitutes your main roles in life - manager of people, doer of tasks, 'meeter' of clients' needs, etc). We spend countless hours in our given roles - sometimes without much joy or satisfaction. In the process we become tranquilized by the trivial. Sedated by the small details of life. Sure, the laundry needs doing, the groceries need getting, the kids need chauffeuring, the deadlines must be knocked off, but we also need to stop and remember what gives us great joy and meaning. If we fail to remind ourselves (on a regular basis), we risk becoming hostile and cynical. We lose our purpose. And this translates to a diminished ability to be effective, at ease and fulfilled. Areas to work on: Ask yourself: - What situations generally create tension and stress for you? How are you handling these situations? - What negative thoughts play over and over in your mind on a regular basis? Are these a true picture of reality? - Are you afraid to share your needs and feelings with others? Is it because you are taking care of everyone else - being a martyr - or acting 'the strong, silent type'? What 3 things give you the greatest meaning in your life? If you work on gaining clarity in these areas, you will move toward maximizing your full potential and finding greater effectiveness, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.

As William James said:

I have no doubt whatever that most people live, whether physically, intellectually, or morally, in a very restricted circle of their potential being. They make use of a very small portion of their possible consciousness... much like a man who, out of his whole body organism, should get into the habit of using and moving only his little finger... We all have reservoirs of life to draw upon, of which we do not dream.


Y.Y. Law


Know him during Prince Siddhartha performance at Istana Budaya. Met him again the other day. Yenyang, this is for u. :)



Yamato night performance

I would like to say, MY GOSH !! THIS IS JUST WAY TOO AWESOME !!
The 1 hour at 1u day before just not enough! Morning time, i m still struggling whether should i drive down to KL or not. Finally, decided to step out my door step, head down to downtown! Raining that night, luckily wasn’t that jam.
Reached there 45 mins earlier, saw a LONG queue at the lobby. Gosh… luckily still have seats when i go in. 2 row from the stage, i think still not too bad. :D The normal seats, if i have to pay for the tickets, probably cost about few hundreds! But is totally free for a world class performance like this !!
LOVE their energy, and spirit !
test 5


YAMATO short performance

Received an email from The Japan Foundation a week back about “Yamato” Japanese Drum Concert at 1U and is FREE ADMISSION !!

The “concert” only about an hour. I just can’t get enough of it. This is like some sort of warm up session in Malaysia for them. [*hint:check out my next blog]DSC_0222 

test 1



test 2




^^ special thanks to RT that borrowed me his precious camera and zoom lens.

++ million thanks to Gin for spending extra time on teaching me the fastest way to use the software. :D [check out his fb for info!]