TA Charity Carnival

This is our stall. sharing with peichee [handmade cards], and chinnee [cloths]

This is definitely a last minute poster/signage i drawed. so happen run out of black color, thinking of painting blue color hair to cover up. ahah. but our hair not as stylo as the avatar.
does it look like me? i guess only the mouth part. baby duckie are everywhere on the table. and my toys.
cute little boy bought a monkey brooch and posing gorgeously for photo.
biggest buyer on the day. forgot to asked his name. nice guy, i remember. and a photographer of the event. TA's staff. oh michelle mentioned his name , DAMON san!! bought 4 bunnies and a pair of penguins. thankew a million... sob sob...
ah. finally someone bought the little kitty! i wonder who is he going to give to? thanks anyway ! steve helps out alot, thanks to him too.
me + pc
Is surely a good day that Saturday. :D

sweating and smelly. and didn't have time to rest.
10am - 4pm. i didn't even have chance to go toilet.
but is definitely fun! :)

*btw, CALLING FOR MICHELLE!! could you pls snap a photo of the grey bunny u bought?? thks!! *


Salameander said...

Hey you! :D Okay, will send you a snapshot of the grey bunny. Also, the handsome chap who was your biggest buyer that day is Damon.

soo said...

yeah !! hehe.. thks ya !! :D oh .. send my regards to Damon :D hehe..