P i a n o

We were wandering around the mall the other day.


Then i saw this piano.


It has been awhile…


Simply beautiful when i touched it. Every single touch makes me think of the past.

IMG_0423Chew shot some photos of me & the piano. Thanks bro ! :D


lucas chua said...

喜歡chew 為你拍的照.

CK Chew said...

I'm really surprise the Soo Lee i know, can play piano! Not bad tho` you just manage to play the chorus part of some song only :)
Whatever pass, we take it as part of our life experience. If you can't let go it, tell him. Life is very short, we shouldn't waste our time in the waiting game. As i always tell you, you say you got 50% chance, you keep quiet you got no chance. Remember?
Lucas, thanks, i can only understand the first row of your comments, google translate din work very well. :)

-CK Chew-

soo said...

lucas : i prefer piano in the forest. :D

chew: tks for the compliment n support.

hmm..the google translate din work that well ? is that means they should do some upgrade ? or ...