Torch Song Massacre : Bad Romance Edition

Last year, we massacred you with torch songs weepy and funny. Now we're back to add "bloody" to the list of tragic love songs. So, instead of torturing y’all with songs about lovers doomed to wander heartbroken corridors, this year we’re gonna torch those bastards who torched us first! If you’ve ever been dumped via Twitter, blocked on Facebook, forgotten by bastards who claim to have photographic memory, then this is for you! Get even honey! Let them cry you a river! Rail against the injustice!

Scream! Drama!

Come join us at The Annexe Gallery as we present Torch Song Massacre, three nights of tragic love songs and comedy as performed by some of KL's best music and stage talents, including:

Aaron Khaled   Alex Koh   Ayam Fared   Ida Mariana   Izlyn Ramli   Maya Abdullah
Will Quah   Wong Siew Jye   Yudi   Zalina Lee   plus "Brown Sugar" the band
and your fabulous host SHELAH!!!

Cameos by Melissa Saila (Fri), Aole Miller (Sat), Pang (Sun) and Rohaizad Suaidi (Everyday!).

Torch song = A song of unrequited love.
Unrequited love = Love for someone who doesn't love you back or doesn't even know you exist.
Massacre = Mass killing of audience with killer torch songs.

[copied from their flyer]


1  IMG_0361 ya. screwed the people that hurt us !


Thank you so much for the awesome performance!!! :D A great one! xoxo

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