Art for Nature @ Rimbun Dahan

Rimbun Dahan located at place that no one would possibly to pass by. They are away from the busy city. They are not open to the public unless there is an event or art exhibition. IMG_4737





Today we are here for Survival - Art for Nature.

First held in 1997, Art For Nature is a unique showcase of artistic works created by Malaysian and international artists in support of nature conservation. Proceeds from sales of the artworks in this exhibition go towards WWF-Malaysia's nature conservation and wildlife protection programmes, including:

  • Scientific field research
  • Policy work with the government
  • Environmental education in schools
  • Public awareness programmes
  • Training and providing support to other conservation organisations in Malaysia

[info from Rimbun Dahan]


 IMG_4775 IMG_4776

Admad Fuad Osman – Shit Happens – RM 8,500


(1st & 2nd pic) Aswad Ameir – Black Gun – RM3,000

(Last 1 on right) Dominic Johns – Memory of a not too distant past.. – RM5,000


Other artist’s art work.


2 of my favorites.

IMG_4778 IMG_4790

Also, we are here to support our friend Mun Kao. His “The wolf in sheep’s clothing” – RM12,500. Can you figure out why is it wolf in sheep’s clothing ? IMG_4771

Penny and Terry Law – On a mission to seed bomb – RM4,800



After walking around the exhibition, we went to look for the blue house. 



Here is the blue village house, where the owner will invite the local/oversea artist to stay here as a place for them to prepare their artworks for the coming exhibition.


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