Yamato night performance

I would like to say, MY GOSH !! THIS IS JUST WAY TOO AWESOME !!
The 1 hour at 1u day before just not enough! Morning time, i m still struggling whether should i drive down to KL or not. Finally, decided to step out my door step, head down to downtown! Raining that night, luckily wasn’t that jam.
Reached there 45 mins earlier, saw a LONG queue at the lobby. Gosh… luckily still have seats when i go in. 2 row from the stage, i think still not too bad. :D The normal seats, if i have to pay for the tickets, probably cost about few hundreds! But is totally free for a world class performance like this !!
LOVE their energy, and spirit !
test 5

test 4
test 6 DSC_0425
test 7
test 8
test 9
test 10
DSC_0537 HOpe to see Yamato’s performance once again !!


CK Chew said...

nice photo shooting :) just capture the right 'feel'

KM said...

nicely done... the shadows in the BnW leaves a lot of mystery.. :)

soo said...

tks chew and km ...

KM : initially wanna change all to BnW, but i love the stage light settings alot. hehe.

horiyochi said...

Very nice! Composition, colour, lighting.. Love it:)

soo said...

jason : tks for dropping by! :D tks million for the comment!

忠洋 said...

AweSome !!

忠洋 said...
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soo said...

thanks 忠洋 !! :D