KLPF 2010

Went to Mid Valley to check out Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival with Roger.


As usual, you will get to see A WHOLE BIG BUNCH of guys holding their DSLR to shoot the models at the booth. BEST TIME to practice your shooting skill. Booths with a few LENG LUI [pretty girls] definitely will filled with guys with their camera regardless DSLR or compact camera or even handphone camera [you know how good is the phone camera nowadays, ie, sony ericsson / iphone!]


Even uncle almost can be my grandpa, also shooting the girls.

Well, of cause I think that is a way of marketing strategy of most exhibitor, that’s why IT FAIR always PACKED! Especially DSLR is much affordable nowadays, is quite common to see people carrying their camera around to take photos [mostly shoot girls] at the fair.

Do you think these people will end up purchase at least some thing from the stall ? I doubted.


Saw this interesting series done by Wong. [he is BRAVE enough!]



Does this look like a painting to you? Is actually a photo! Taken in Tibet. Simply amazing, don’t you think?

Then I walked pass this called cultural space – Xiang Yin Kao Gu.


I think this group is formed to preserve the local Chinese culture & dialects. I was attracted by the photos they took during their performance. If possible, I would like to shoot more of this kind of stage performance/ Chinese cultural performance & events.

I asked my mom the other day, whether she know any place still showing Chinese Opera, she said most of it were replace by Ge Tai [set up stage with performance artist]. Majority of people prefer to watch lady singer dressed up in short skirt and dance.

Is really sad to know that. 


My mom said, when she were young, the only entertainment is to watch this Chinese Opera & puppet show.

Sadly, youngster & kids nowadays do not know how to appreciate this unique culture of us.

During my trip to HK this September, I missed the chance to watch the performance due to my schedule. Dunno when will be the next time I will come across this Chinese Opera again?


Let’s end the day with some cute girls I saw.


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