Pokka Dots bunny for sale

Dark pink pokka dots bunny

code : B_dots_003 [D.pink]

Light pink pokka dots bunny

code : B_dots_002 [L.pink]

Purple pokka dots bunny

code: B_dots_001 [purple]

* accessories : snow flake / xmas tree for xmas season.
BUT normal days is with plain ribbon or love... well, anything u think u wanna put it on it just let me know, i hope i can help in someway... that includes sewing name...*

*selling at RM 30/each*

*dimensions: 15cm x 8cm*


Salameander said...

Hey Soo!

I still owe you a photo of the Christmas bunny. :"> So sorry, I'm not happy with the quality of the photo I took so I'll have to spend some time to do it again. I'll try to get it out to you this weekend, ok?

AND. I want the dark pink and light pink polka dot bunnies! How can I get them from you? Please don't let them hop away!

soo said...

no worries. take ur time.

as for the bunnies... let me drop u an email. :D thanks 1st!