we went penang !


John & Clarisa ... and my monkey... they just look similar...


dear penguins posing at dashboard.


pity this penguin, got squeezzzeeedd!!


Clarisa's fav bear wanna take a pic with him.


wool bunny was there too.


boo bear loves the durian + choc ice cream + jelly + sarsi syrup ice kacang !!


pinky definitely loves penang food alot!


Wilfrid said...

Oh my, I love Penang. The food!!!

Those are ... penguins?! Very round ones! Ha ha ha.

JC said...

Nice to have you guys visiting us in Penang. Is was a fun weekend with you guys.

Btw, I bought my DSLR already.!! Pls visit my photo album site lar.. is at http://photo.jcsector.com

Need to hard-sell my site a bit... hahahaha....

soo said...

wilfrid : i super love penang food. but super dislike the traffic over there...

eee.. ?? my penguins always in round shape what.. hehe ..

John : hehehe... :D thks for the seafood !! :D

when r u coming KL to take some pic?? check out ur site n leave comment ord ler.

Cla said...

Soo, very interesting after read through ur site.....we will definately call you when me n john going down to KL coz we wanna bring our mr & mrs penguins to KL for photo shooting as well..guess, they leave KL just after they are borned :)

soo said...

clarisa : ya. pls come find me ... !! and bring hippo this time !! btw, thks for dropping by. . . really wanna thks u n john for bringing us around. muaks!