Wool Bunny for sale

i finally took some shots of the wool bunny. actually there is other colors too. But i still haven't got the time to do it.
code : B_wool_001
code: B_wool_002

code : B_wool_002 [2]

code: B_wool_003

*wool bunny for sale*

*selling at rm25*

*dimensions: approx 10cm x 5.5cm*


Wilfrid said...

My oh my ... ain't that ... cute?!

soo said...

u mean the last one.. i think is funny looking. haha !!

wendy said...

Eh dear…All handmade toys from you look as cute as you :) Keep it up!

soo said...

thks wendy !! ur work is far more better than mine !! :D

Wendy said...

My friend…Your work is so creative and cute, i believe there's a strong market out there. You please try to forward your blog to NüYou magazine Special project Art Director Ng Geok Mei: geokmei@bluinc.com.my and Cleo Chief Editor Lynette: cleomalaysia@acpmagazines.com.my. Go sell your idea to them coz their magazines no only featured fashion. Wish you luck! The 17th My cousin yet to revert. Will keep you in the loop.

soo said...

huh... thks for the info wendy... but but but... i paiseh ler... i still think my work is not really that good enough.