F A Q [ I ]

i think when most people logged in my blog, they have tonnes of questions in their mind.

Please forgive me, if things are not as what you expected. [such as super nice photos, super geng cao stuff to be impressed of, bla bla bla ..]

1Q) WHAT is your blog all about??

A : is about my handmade toys, and other handcraft thingy i made.

2Q) ARE you selling the toys?

A : YES!

3Q) IS all the toys you made are for sale? How come i didn't see any ?

A : those are for sale will be show in my flickr album [is on the right hand, in between 'my profile' & 'archives'] , or tagged under for sale, or check the section of 'in luv with labels...', it falled under for sale.

4Q) DO you do any custom made toys?

A : i'll try my best to create something you would like to have it. do let me know.

5Q) IF i want to buy the toys, how can i reach you?

A : you can post a comment at the page where the toys displayed, or send me an email [ inluvwithsoo@gmail.com ], i shall reply you asap.

@ * @ i guess that's all for this moment. if u have any more questions to ask me, do write in comment, i shall post the 2nd faq then...