purple pokka dots - faceless bunny

look closer. is purple, not black. i like this purple faceless bunny. i know is kinda creepy if you put it beside your bed, and got yourself freak out when you wake up during midnight for pee.

and i even heard a mum telling her daughter [her daughter wanna buy this.],

"aiyar... where got bunny is purple color 1?? "

umpph...speechless. aunty, sorry ah !!


Wilfrid said...

Ha ha ha ... the mum's comment is just so funny ...

Wait, that faceless purple bunny is for Halloween right?

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soo said...

ya. the mum is so funny. anyway, the daughter never buy the bunny.

is not for halloween. . .

will stop by there if i got time. not too far from my house.

A A D said...

haha yeah d mum is very klakar one. purple bunnies... got what. we dip 'em in ink la. any color oso can. mum need 2b mo creative! haha... myb it's juz an excuse for her not to buy for her daughter. kan?

huhu but yeah. faceless. creepy ok?!

soo said...

ya hor.. maybe the mom dun wanna buy... so sad ler.. i did bought something from her stall leh !!

bunny ter-slip and fall into purple ink ler... naughty bunny.