@ sunway pyramid

We went Sunway Pyramid for photo shooting session that day. i guess we did caught some people's attention. and i think i heard some1 saying ...

"eh, look at that girl, taking photograph with those toys. so weird... "

steve brought his meow for window shopping.
we stopped by for music. but the machine is not working. :( then we stopped by bookstore to check out food magazine. [food!]concerntrating at the recipe. [bunny loves dessert alot!]sitting and waiting. gish! this is how human skin looks like ? i wonder do i have all this underneath my skin.
like i said earlier on, they loves dessert. sweet things makes people happy. does also makes bunny happy! and makes meow happy too.
meow : can i have it after the photo shooting?
to fu monster thinks he can finish this by himself. meow is thinking of fish spaghetti would be perfect!


Wilfrid said...

Wow .. very cute ones!

Long time I have not visited Sunway ... I miss that place.

soo said...

hmm.. u should go have a look.changed alot. :)