1st time @ Taman Pertanian Malaysia

We went Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. A park that i wanted to go since my primary school time. Now only i get a chance to visit this park.

Bunny loves big head shot!!

check out the distance.

eh? another head shot.

bunny + soh hong

Jenny + snowfish + Stacey + opss. forgot another girls' name

The Lone ranger - ally

steve + khien

they are just too lucky !!

any smell ??

ally the cutie~ i wonder why do i have that kind of expression?! hmm...


soh hong said...

hey soo lee...u & ur bunnies are everywhere! gosh...my face so round! when going to do the cycling? raining season is coming lor...

soo said...

we can go cycling another week later. :D ehehe..

about ur face, i cant help much ler..