23 August 2008 @ Menara Hap Seng

i should say that i don't really get used to setting up stall. 1st i was kinda worry no one gonna walk by our stall [well, they are peoples who will definitely walk passed and forgotten our stall] , then i worry no one buy anything from us, and then i worry that i worried too much. haha. yes i m.

Good things happened that day. someone bought the meow i made.
pack it nicely [i know is just paperbag], + 1 handmade card by me.
meow's new owner now. thks pretty!! Joelle bought 1 black face bunny from me. thks Joelle!
Vivian bought a polar bear brooch from me. thks my dear!

Another 2 girls bought a pair of penguins that day. But rushing for seminar, that's why didn't took their picture. I would still like to thanks them.

Need more energy n support to move on!! add oil add oil !!


Kok Leong said...

wow... u very talented ler... tambah minyak!!!

soo said...

aiyar.. paiseh paiseh.. thank u so much!!