1st time @ Arts & Culture, The Podium

16 August 2008
Invited by Menara Hap Seng, to join the event of Arts & Culture. Happening every weekends!! but dunno when is over.
Bunnies ready to go...
me + peichee's stall
Brooches for RM 5
Peichee's handmade card
penny's eco warriors Bo Ta Ni + Green GrinAnimal Graveyard penny explaining animals died because of plastics bags... :(


sim said...

like i said , i envy u. You are creating ur own wealth by making this....mb not much la but still creating wealth what. Well done! Thing that i 've wanting to do ....makan gaji is not creating wealth..wuwuwu...

soo said...

u can do it too. like i said, write a blog. :D