on my birthday eve

3rd May, 2008

This year's birthday eve, i have a bunch of friends that celebrate with me. hehe... we went Sunway Pyramid to watch movie. Opps.. what's the show again??

Boo Bear @ Sunway Pyramid

Bunny wants some donuts for supper.

waoo... looks yummy...

dunno why, pinky wanted this shots. in front of Wendy's.

Steve + pinky

Size does matter.

boo bear : " can i have some of the melon ??"

sit down, relax. . . we reached Haagen Dazz for ice cream. pinky's all time fav ice cream - "STRAWBERRY"!! pinky : "i want passion fruit also ! " [ish, very demanding.]

sharing is caring. " * "

boo bear had the biggest portion. he loves chocolate. fried rice, anyone?? [how come they are always in hungry mode??]

fly high!

Boo Bear: "yo bro! u r cool!"


FoOie said...

ToOooO cute for words! Keep doing photos like this!! :)

soo said...

hahha.. i m doing it everywhere!! will try to take more photos...

saw ur pinky n patrick.. bring them out more!!