the name of my blog/shop

was cracking my head & asking around for opinion regarding the name i should have for my blog or on9 shop [ if i manage to have 1.]

"i want something catchy, weird & easy to remember", i remember i said that to every1.

i have tonnes of name running in my brain... for months...

1st is the bunny related name :

[jump bunny jump] [bunny factory] [kiss bunny kiss] [diet free bunny]
[fat free bunny] [eat bunny eat] [fly bunny fly] [flying bunny babies]
[beanie bunny money more]

alicia asked me why bunny ?

my answers :
"oh, the 1st toy i made was a rabbit. but i don't called it rabbit, i called it bunny ! so i guess that's why my 1st thought of name was bunny bunny bunny. "

"i think the name bunny is cute."

Medea, my cute friend from taiwan... she really have the thinking that i really really love bunny. huh... it kept me thinking for awhile, do i really love bunny? she even bought a cute bunny as my bday gift.

then, 2nd thought was everything i like :
[crazy circus] [flying circus] [crazy elephant] [sleepy giraffe] [cowy moey] [animal kingdom] [zoologie] [crazy zoo] [flying zoo]

after asking a few friends idea... rocky said, ; alicia said, ..then bla bla bla

at last i picked [ in love with... ] , now you will ask me why this ?

my answer for you is :
"do drop by more often, you will understand why i pick this name."

have a good evening.

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