mind your language

i was browsing thru michael's website today and saw 1 of his latest blog.

Frankly speaking, does anyone still remember this sitcom ?? haha.. like what mike said, last time we used to sit in front of tv for the show. i missed the show very much.

i remembered 1 of the character of the sitcom named chung su lee. haha.. u know what? my name is chua soo lee!! almost the same with the girl. hehe.. she is cute!

"Mr.Brown, please forgive my lateness[??],i apologies but i lost my way."
"not to worry, and what is your name?"
"chung su lee."
"where do you from?"
"demo-kratic republic of china."
"what is your job?"
"sekretary, chinise dipolmat."

she sounds cute, right?? :)

Mike, if you ever found the dvd, can you borrow it for me ??!! hehe..


Alicia PCL said...

Hey babes, I think the sitcom is "mind your language", if I"m not mistaken

soo said...

i think... i did wrote there mind your language... ehh....

thks for the note! :)