Soh Hong + Khien's wedding

10 th May 2008
soh hong + khien
they loves cakes! all sort of it.
we went putrajaya

looks like stage play's photo shot

soh hong + khien's fav shot

throw higher!

pinky + soh hong
hot day!!
pink is soh hong's fav.
why use mey mey to cover the sun?
serious group photo. soh hong + khien's photographer that day. :P
but now taking photo of herself.

congrats to them! oii, both of u!! quickly make more babies!!


soh hong said...

hmmm...what a lovely & beautiful couple they are! *wink wink*
special thx to our photographer of the day. thx sue.

soo said...

ish... biggest effort is the photographer lar! haha..