pen pal

i was busy informing everyone about my blog today. then, Calvin was saying the bunny is cute! and can't wait to see more bunny. *thks for the comment*

*guys, i would like to apologies that if u drop by and see nothing much in the blog. coz this blog is just 1 WEEK OLD !! i m trying hard on the production n will try not to be sleeping all the time, and start doing bloggin as much as i can*

then he start asking me how m i doing now...

cªl^!u T says:so where r u now?? hw's life going... many yrs we dint contact n chat
shiuwan says:yalor..
shiuwan says:hehhe .. .
shiuwan says:we used to write
shiuwan says:pen pal !
shiuwan says:hahahah
shiuwan says:let me blog about u also
shiuwan says:hahahah
cªl^!u T says:yalo... forgot when was the last time we wrote....err....
shiuwan says:quite many many years ago .
cªl^!u T says:more than 10 yrs gua?
shiuwan says:got meh ?
shiuwan says:during high skol time!
shiuwan says:kao lat
shiuwan says:we are so bloody old.
cªl^!u T says:yalo.....
shiuwan says:hahahhaha...
shiuwan says:old days..
cªl^!u T says:our relation now is old but strange
shiuwan says:strange?
cªl^!u T says:coz long time no contact ma... abit like stranger
shiuwan says:true also.
shiuwan says:we dun really talk much
shiuwan says:hahah
cªl^!u T says:yalo
shiuwan says:hehehe ..
shiuwan says:bad bad bad.

he used to be my penpal. funny is we used to write letters. but ever since there is email, we stopped talking to each other. so sorry, my old friend.

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